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Urine Microbiome Profiling


A kit to profile exactly what microbes are present in your urine. Identify any that might be causing your UTI and find what antibiotics may help.This service is for people who want to focus on their urinary microbiome.


This service is perfect if you:

  • Are tracking a known infection in your urine.

  • Suspect an older infection may have come back and want to check.

  • Want to see what effect a course of treatment has had on an active infection.

What's included?

  • A kit in the post with a urine collection tube.

  • Simple-to-follow instructions.

  • Discrete pre-paid return packaging that you can pop into any post-box.

  • Fast 48-hour turnaround.

  • Online questionnaires to capture current symptoms and antibiotic treatments.

  • Clear, secure reporting with ability to link symptoms, treatments and microbes.

  • Microbe specific advice to help you understand your results.

  • Information on antibiotic sensitivity data for key microbes.

  • Ability to select any or all of your data to share with a medical professional.